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What is online reputation management?

What is online reputation management?

Lets talk about it “online reputation management” A reputation is what people think of you. It describes how you are perceived. It is, in a sense the sum of who you are. Others will view you as an asset in the marketplace. If your reputation is damaged.

Many of us will go to great lengths to protect our reputation, whether intentionally or accidentally. You can alter and enhance your personal reputation through things like relationship management, job performance, and the way you conduct yourself. What happens if your reputation is damaged by something online?

online reputation management

Reputation Management would not exist if it weren’t for Google, a multi-billion-dollar company. A reputation can be managed with articles, but time is moving on.

It is most likely that something will be forgotten if it happened many years ago. Word of mouth was the best form of advertising. Bad service was likely to result in a loss of only one customer, maybe two or three of their friends.

However, it has been possible to do so for the past ten years thanks to sites like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. People who don’t know each other can affect one another. Each other’s purchasing decisions. Today, there are millions of many people who begin their buying decision process. By searching online for reviews. Google is they search for the linchpin.

Google searches the Internet for the most recent information every day. It not only indexes the Internet but also saves past copies so that it can make changes.

As Google indexes the Internet, it records the names of individuals, businesses, and any negative or positive content. This information is stored on Google’s servers.

When someone searches “your brand”, they are presented with a list of the relevant content Google considers to be relevant. This list may include customer complaints or arrests, defaced photos, customer testimonials. Your own website, LinkedIn profile and Facebook profile.


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