Digital Marketing Analytics Services

Data is today’s foundation for any growth story. A strong digital analytics capability is key to a successful digital marketing campaign. We are digital analytics experts with years of experience and can help you develop growth-driven marketing strategies that use powerful data analytics to get the root cause.

digital marketing analytics services
digital marketing analytics services

How does it work?

Digitzop’s greatest asset is our ability generate, analyze and apply data. We help you identify the most important sources of data and create processes to extract new data. After a thorough analysis of the data, we communicate the insights to you in a manner that empowers you to take growth-oriented action.

Our Digital Marketing Analytics Services​ Include:

  1. Content Analysis: A comprehensive content analysis allows us to identify gaps in content and develop a more inclusive, goal-oriented content strategy.
  2. Digital Marketing Auditing: We will give you a complete audit that gives you an overview of the pros and disadvantages of your current digital marketing analytics approach.
  3. Testing and Optimization: A digital marketing strategy cannot be complete without the full cycle of optimization to improve its growth potential.
  4. Funnel Analysis: We analyze the steps that visitors take on your site, identify any bottlenecks or drop-off points, and then create solutions to improve conversion rates using powerful digital analytics dashboards.
  5. Channel Analysis: We analyze the marketing and sales issues that affect different channels in your business and recommend actions.